PA Eats Our Mission

To showcase the stories of people, places, and products that make PA food culture exceptional, and create educational resources that support and empower food insecure Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania food, drink and agriculture holds a special place in our hearts at PA Eats. We are so passionate about Pennsylvania food that we feel our state deserves a platform to showcase our incredibly diverse, beautiful and important culinary culture.

Through the educational programming on, we put the spotlight on small and large producers, farmers and communities in Pennsylvania, giving our state's food and drink culture the credit it deserves.

We also feel strongly that as a platform about food in PA we need to help ensure that all our neighbors have the access and knowledge to eat well.

Through innovative educational programming and our partnership with Feeding PA, PA Eats helps educate and inspire food-insecure Pennsylvanians to cook fresh, healthy and affordable meals.

We can do this with your help! Join us as a donor and help make a difference across Pennsylvania.

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