Lauren Avellino Turton

Growing up Italian, Lauren appreciates one basic rule of thumb: Football Sundays means a huge pot of gravy, dozens of meatballs, homemade macs, and a crusty loaf of bread “to dip.” Lauren got the cooking bug watching her relatives over the years whip up the most delicious, yet simple, dishes. The 30-something’s favorite food to eat? Pizza—anyway, anyhow. She pairs her meals with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio or Shiraz, and when out on the town with friends, vodka and club is her drink of choice. On a bright summer day, you’ll find Lauren sunning on a deck, listening to Jimmy Buffett, with a ‘rita in hand. This seasoned professional writer—15 plus years and counting—also enjoys cycling, running, and long walks on the beach. (No, really.)

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