Pennsylvania's Iconic Food Culture



We live in and love Pennsylvania!

We are proud of the talented Pennsylvanians — coffee roasters, bakers, brewers, winemakers, farmers, chefs and more — who share our passion for the Keystone State.

PA's Iconic Foods

Pennsylvania is well known for its iconic regional foods — cheesesteaks, whoopie pies, soft pretzels, roast pork sandwiches, birch beer, pierogies, scrapple, shoofly pie, and the list goes on!

Troegeneator Beer Cheese Fondue
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Pennsylvania is an agricultural hub!

Did you know PA, with its abundant rich farmland, is a major producer of dairy, eggs, apples, mushrooms, corn, grapes, soybeans and more?

You can get the freshest seasonal produce across PA at farmers markets, through CSAs and even by picking your own!

Explore PA Regions!

No matter where you go, there are amazing culinary discoveries to be made and regional foodways to experience.

Have you been to Pennsylvania Dutch farmlands? Erie, the PA Wilds and the Allegheny National Forest? Pittsburgh and the Laurel Highlands? The Poconos, coal country and the Endless Mountains? Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley?

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PA birch beer

Pennsylvania’s Beloved Brands

Pennsylvania is home to a wide array of beloved food and drink brands!

Lots of food and beverage companies and products call PA home: Hershey's® chocolate, Utz® potato chips, Snyder’s® pretzels, Heinz® ketchup, Just Born Peeps®, Tastykake® snack cakes, Yuengling® lager and Turkey Hill® ice cream, to name a few.

Delicious Rivalries

Pennsylvanians are passionate about their eats and drinks.

No matter which part of PA you're from, chances are you have an unshakeable loyalty to one of these "teams":

Sheetz® vs. Wawa®
Pat’s vs. Geno's
Old Forge Pizza vs. The World

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PA Eats is our love letter to our wonderful Pennsylvania neighbors who give this state its depth of character, creativity and charm.