New Year’s Eve Cider Cocktail: Award Winning Orchard

Kick things up a notch this New Year’s Eve with an easy, on-trend and delicious cider cocktail! Our friends at Angry Orchard shared this simple-but-sophisticated recipe with us, and we thought it was too good to keep all to ourselves. So, as midnight approaches, pop a few bottles, grab some Champagne flutes and cheers to the New Year.

Award Winning Orchard Cocktail

Prep Time Cook Time Total Time
2 min 5 min 7 min


  • 2 ounces Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, chilled
  • 1 ounce St. Germain liqueur
  • 2 ounces Champagne, chilled


  1. Build in a champagne flute and garnish with a lemon twist

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