A Look Behind the Curtin at Eclat Chocolates

Eclát Chocolates with Chris Curtin

Why West Chester?

He jokes that a fortune teller told him to come; but it was his family. Born in Wisconsin, he has lived all over the world and eventually landed here. His parents have retired in the area, so the proximity to them, New York City and Washington, D.C. make West Chester an ideal location for him and his store front. It doesn’t hurt that Pennsylvania has a reputation as a œchocolate state. Thank you Milton Hershey.

What are inspirations?

Chris has spent a lot of time living abroad. His visions stem from culinary capitals including Paris, London, and Brussels. He is a sweet-toothed globe trekker and West Chester can reap the benefits of his international work experience and travels.

What is your top seller?

œCaramels. Eclát features the expected milk and dark chocolate caramels but the not-so-expected unique combinations of combined with rock salt, ginger, pear, and apple “ yumma!

Vanilla or chocolate?

Chris has nothing personal against vanilla “ just don’t get him started on white chocolate! His lip curls a bit as he explains that white chocolate is œdisgusting, and not real chocolate anyway. Who knew?!

Tell us about your customers?

œI like all customers! He enjoys those who want to learn more about his passion as well as travelers that can compare his wares to those abroad. Some even prefer his creations to the ones they bring back from overseas “ impressive.

What’s your biggest business pet peeve?

œIt’s not candy “ it’s chocolate T-shirts with this phrase are in the works. Aside from this, he claims to not have no pressing pet peeves regarding work.

Three words to describe you and your business?

Chris: honesty and respect and being direct.
Business: quality and innovative and œunderstandable “ I’d hope that customers can understand the product and how special it is.

What’s your favorite beer/wine/cocktail?

His suggestion for pairing wine with chocolate? œNo red wines. . . but goes on to say that dessert wines work best. Personally, he’s not a big drinker.

What’s your favorite West Chester food find?
œGilmore’s! The reasoning? The staff, the convenient in-town location and the impeccable fine dining experience (not to mention the fact that they are nationally recognized) makes this the best find in West Chester.

Chris claims a big part of the Gilmore’s experience is their staff “ local, yet very well trained. He recommends introducing yourself to the staff. Just don’t tell them that the Candy Man sent you . . .

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