A + Oh Holy Cheese and Doughnuts

Over my recent holiday weekend, my mother cracked open my childhood bedroom door and whispered “Breakfast is ready… come on down.”

I sleepily walked down the stairs anticipating the usual when-I’m- at-home breakfast of creamed chipped beef, scrambled eggs, fruit salad and English muffins.

As I entered the kitchen I was surprised to see my parents and brother-in-law frantically writing on tablets and reading through children’s resource books. Apparently, my seven year-old niece was playing teacher and had given everyone in the house a writing assignment. They were to read the books they were given and write a report on the topics in the book.

I assembled my breakfast on my plate and made myself comfortable at the kitchen table. I was given a book on How Things Are Made. I was lucky enough to find information on a few of my favorite foods.

As it turned out my niece is a tough grader. My brother-in-law failed, my father got a poor grade, I think my mom got an A and I got an A +.

Here is my report…

Oh Holy Cheese¦ and Doughnuts

Two things I enjoy most in this world are cheese and breakfast foods – in particular, Swiss cheese and doughnuts.

Both are fun to eat, come in many varieties and have holes in them! But the ways they get their holes are very different.

Swiss cheese can be served on sandwiches, cubed for parties, or cut into pie-like slices for any use (or for little mice). Any of these forms of Swiss cheese contain various sized holes.

The holes are formed by bubbles that appear when bacteria is mixed with milk. As this mixture ripens, it begins to ferment and creates bubbles. The air bubbles are the holes in Swiss cheese.

Doughnuts come in two main forms Рcake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts. They also come in many flavors and varieties, like chocolate, vanilla cr̬me, Boston cr̬me and glazed. They are often decorated with colorful icing or sprinkles.

Cake doughnuts get their holes from a machine. The machine punches out holes in a flat piece of dough. The round cut-out is then placed in boiling oil. This oil bubbles around the dough until all the sides are crispy and golden brown. Without a hole, a doughnut would just be a small fried cake.

Both delicious foods are wonderful treats. The holes in both make them fun to eat. Even though the holes are made differently – one is natural, the other is man-made – I’m so glad they have them. Because Holy cow ¦ things are fun to eat with holes!

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