A Pinch of Flour and a Splash of Wine

When we checked into our motel for $48.00 with my AAA card. I saw a sign that said. Complimentary breakfast buffet 6:00am- 9:00 am. A handwritten sign was attached that read œhomemade waffles. I briefly considered staying up another hour or so to be first in line. Instead we requested an 8:15 am wake up call.

When the call came even the thought of warm waffles with whipped cream and berries wasn’t enough to roll out of my sleeping bag. (Our hotel was not the best of accomodations… we felt safer in our sleeping bags.) We didn’t emerge from our hotel room until 10:15 am.

We were in search of breakfast. The hotel staff recommended Cracker Barrel but we wanted something with a little more umph. Instead we turned down the side road towards The Rockbridge Vineyard. Who says you can’t drink before noon? It’s amazing how tipsy you can get with all those little samples of wine. We tasted Merlots, Chardonnays, dry whites, blushes, Rieslings, and ice wines while we snacked on locally made cheddar cheese and crackers. Our wine guide was a handsome middle-aged gentleman who was friendly, patient and helpful. We felt so good about the experience that we left with a full case of wine. This was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time.

The staff at the winery recommended Wades Mill, a local flour and grit mill and herb farm three miles down the road from the winery. They apparently had a great selection of bread mixes, flours and kitchen supplies. Perfect.

I gathered a spoon bread mix, buckwheat pancake mix, a pretty Chinese pattern bowl (that is perfect for my morning cereal) and a flexi-cutting board that I keep seeing on the Food Network and had to have for my own. The inside of the renovated, historic mill was lightly dusted with flour from the days work. It was a fully functional mill with some amazing treats and kitchen goods. The grounds were as charming as the building on this beautiful November day. The working waterwheel outside was the icing on this adorable cake.

Quote of the day: (from a sweet older lady who was sipping wines with us.) œNow, I don’t think I like this one, but Emeril would say this one would go well with fish.