And the color is…

This morning a freak tornado storm ripped through North Carolina. When I woke up there were numerous storm warnings throughout Pennsylvania. The entire day had a Wizard-of-Oz, something-crazy-is-a-brewing feeling to it. It was a beautiful day for a road trip.

The plan was to meet my friend in Baltimore. (More specifically to meet at my ex boyfriend’s house in Baltimore.) We would leave her car there and take mine. We hoped to head South. But it was up to the skittles to tell us.

Here are the guidelines for the trip:

Red: Stop and switch drivers (and if the environment allows, have a Chinese Fire Drill)
Yellow: Bear left
Orange: Take the next exit, find a local and ask where to find the best food in town.
Green: Bear Right
Purple: Flag down a stranger and ask which way to go. Then ask what they had to eat today and if it’s close by go get it. (considering it’s edible/legal.)

I’m hoping for a steady flow of Orange and Purples…


The car is loaded with lots of things. Including but not limited to cowboy boots, a tent, a boa, custom mixes, a yoga mat, various maps, visors, a cooler of beer (I have to remember to get ice) and two crazy, hungry girls.

The bag has been broken. The color is orange. Awesome, we get to eat. We haven’t gotten far, but that’s fine by me. Giddy up.

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