Big Dish, Small Town with Bob Fagnani of SPRAZZO

Why West Chester?

When the Fagnani’s previous location was eligible for
lease renewal, Bob and his family opted for a more
urban setting. SPRAZZO’s visual exposure is great at
their center-of-town location, right on the corner of
High and Gay Street.

Beer, wine, or cocktail?

Bob favors deep, heavy red wines like Barolo and Super
Tuscans. When choosing cocktails he prefers vodka and
when sticking with beer, he doesn’t stray from his
favorite Belgian beers.


Fagnani wants to create the feeling of traditional
Italian foods and desserts, but with an œAmericanized
flair. By updating old styles with new flavors, and
old flavors with new styles, customers enjoy a sense
of time-honored creations with new taste sensations.

Tell us about your customers!

œI like any customer “ as long as they’re walking
through our door! Bob jokes while taking the expected
professional route. It doesn’t matter if they just got
back from Italy, or have no idea what Italian gelato
is “ the knowledgeable staff will educate customers on
SPRAZZO’s offerings.

Best sellers?

Flavors of SPRAZZO’s Italian gelato and homemade
American ice cream change seasonally. Some year round
favorites are ice cream flavors Scooter Crunch (double
chocolate with cookie crumbles) and Cocolicious
(coconut with toasted coconut flakes and big chocolate
hunks “ mmm!) and Raspberry sorbetto. Customers also
warm themselves up in the winter months with Spiced or
Vanilla Chai Tea or one of their signature hot
chocolates (you can choose from raspberry, mint, dark,
truffle, vanilla, caramel or cherry!)

What’s your biggest business pet peeve?

No ifs, ands or buts about it “ bad service. He
doesn’t expect to receive it and he doesn’t tolerate
it at his own store “ lucky us!

What’s one thing you want people to know about you and
your business?

With talks of national franchising in the works, Bob
wants locals to know how driven he is to succeed. In
fact, he wants to hear everyone’s comments (good or
bad) so that he can help better the store and give the
community what they want!

Favorite food find in West Chester?
Being outdoorsy, Bob immediately thinks of Coyote
Crossing’s rooftop dining area and bar. He says that a
lot of people outside of the borough don’t realize
it’s there and can’t take advantage of it “ œbut any
place you can eat outside in a gorgeous environment
like Coyote’s roof is just cool.