C is For Cookies and W is for Who Made it?

I love cookies. And this time of year, they appear as gifts and treats at work, school, home and well… everywhere. With so many cookie possibilities we have to be very choosy which ones we decide to munch on. I find I make this decision based more on the cookie’s cook than how they look.

Packaging can be deceptive. Cookies can arrive in tins, on trays, in festive baskets and sometimes they even present themselves on paper plates, covered with green or red tinted Reynolds wrap (although I’m not exactly sure what they are trying to cover up with that stuff?)

When I see a platter of holiday cookies I WANT my first reaction to be, “YUM! Let me gobble them up!”

However, I stop myself before I allow my inner food goddess to yelp in delight. My first response is “who made them?” I’m not sure what why I need to know who the creator is but it usually makes or breaks the deal for me.

Is that wrong? I know I sound horrible, but let’s face it… with so many cookie swaps, trades and drop offs, we just don’t know exactly where these cookies come from. The trick is inquiring who made them in a way that isn’t offensive.

I was offered cookies twice at work today.

Here is the first situation:

Guy at work: “Cookie?”
Me: “Mmmm… sure… these look great. Who made ’em?”
Guy: “My wife and daughter.”
I had no choice but to quickly grab a cookie and say “Mmm Yum, thanks!” Luckily I knew his family so this was okay by my standards, but I think I may have offended him by asking.

The second situation:

Lady at work: “Cookie?”
Me:” Mmmm… sure. (These were wrapped in clear plastic wrap with a ribbon in it.) “Let’s see… which one do I want? Hmmmm… Who made these delicious looking cookies?”
Lady at work: “This woman that comes in here all of the time. She dropped them off for me.”
Me: (Great… what does THAT mean? I needed more information.) “Oh… I can’t decide. Help me… have you had one?”
Lady: “Yeah, they are really good. I had one of thoooose.”
Me: (Okay, so they aren’t poisonous at least.) “Okay, cool, I’ll try one of those too. Can I ask…. you know?”
Lady: “You know what?”
Me: “Are they… you know, okay to eat? (I flushed with embarrassment after I asked.) I don’t mean to sound snotty but I just am curious… ”
Lady: *Laughing* “Oh yeah… I TOTALLY know what you mean. Don’t worry about it, she’s good, I know the family.”

And that’s when I knew that I wasn’t alone. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

But now I have to know from others. Is it horrible of me to ask who made the cookies?
Does anyone do this or do you trust any cookie that comes your way? Share, share.

The Final Dish: I wonder if we all follow the kitchen standards we hope or expect from others?