Caffeine Extreme

œDo you know how to get out of here?

œNot a clue I replied, content with having no idea where we were going, or how to get there.

And with that my friend and I loaded the last of our gear into my trunk and waved goodbye. We drove down the street, which led to a tollbooth that turned into a tunnel and eventually landed us on 95 South. We had yet to follow our skittles cue to ask a local where to eat so we exited at the first rest stop.

I realized that the odds of finding a œlocal at a rest stop is rare (unless they are working the information booth.) However, a young couple walking through the parking area caught my eye and I decided they would be our guide.

I cracked my window and did my best to not look like a total creep as I flagged them down. After asking if they knew a good place to eat they replied, in a heavy, I guessed Polish, accent that they were not from the area. Curious if it was Polish I asked where they hailed from, they replied New Jersey. Interesting.

We kept driving. The skittles directed us toward Richmond, VA. Around 1:15am they led us to a Wendy’s.

I will eat any cheese on the planet, except American cheese. There is only one situation when I will, when it’s on the Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe on the Wendy’s 99 cent value menu. I savor every bite. I rarely get fast food, but this burger, with lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, onion and pickles, is always worth it one or two times a year. We stopped at a nearby gas station to fill up. Only I didn’t need fuel, I was in need of coffee.

I interrupted the conversation about local strip clubs between ladies behind the counter and some passing-through truckers to ask about the œcaffeine-extreme coffee.

œHave you ever had your hair stand up on your neck? was the reply from the trucker with the camo hat. I shook my head that I hadn’t. œWell you’ll find out what it feels like if you get yourself a cup of that. I got a large with crème and sugar. Afterall, I was driving.

My non-caffeine drinking friend commented that if I drank it all œwouldn’t it make you stay up all night?

œIsn’t that the point? I replied.

At 3:15am we were belting out to 80’s music on our custom mixes. The roads were drying up and the sky was crisp and clear. Eventually we stopped at a Days Inn to get some sleep at around 4:30am. We planned to sleep about 4 hours before hitting the road again.

So far the only problem has been the fact that collectively we have about 15 pairs of shoes but neither one of us brought toothpaste. We have gum and mint flavored floss until we stop to purchase some . With all the skittles we are eating we need to do that sooner than later.

Quote of the day: œ Is it legal to go in reverse this far down a highway?