Can you get fired for talking about food?

Before heading to bed last night, I opened my cable bill. Little did I know that opening it would result in a discussion about cheeseburgers and pizza.

I noticed a problem with my bill and dialed the 1-800 number for customer service. Sherman took my call. He quickly fixed the problem and we chatted a bit about how most people that call are mean and cranky.

I admitted to being a bit cranky when I first called and apologized if I seemed that way. That’s when he began laughing into the phone.

When I asked what was up he explained that his co-worker, Ricky, had just taken a call where the customer demanded to know where he was so he could come give him a piece of his mind in person.

Me: (Laughing) “No way, that’s crazy. You really do get some angry folks. *Pause* So¦ not to sound creepy, but where are you?

Sherman: (without hesitation) œTexas.

Me: œI could tell.

Sherman: œDon’t say that. I’m from San Diego originally.

Me: œI can hear a drawl, I’m afraid you are picking up a bit of the accent.

Sherman: œGreat.

I don’t remember this part of the conversation¦something about Rubik’s cubes, panty hose and sites in San Diego¦. The rest of the conversation I remember¦

Me: œSo, do you like to eat?

Sherman: œYeah, I’m a big boy.

Me: œOh really? And so what’s your favorite food in the whole wide world.

Sherman: œI am really into cheeseburgers lately.

Me: œThat’s cool. From where?

Sherman: œOh anywhere¦ Burger King, McDonalds the usual.

Me: œI think Wendy’s has the best cheeseburgers on their 99 cent value menu.

Sherman: œ Really? Can you hold on a second?

Me: œSure.

Sherman: (Muffled in the phone) œWhat? No¦ it’s a customer I swear.

Me: œAre you getting in trouble?

Sherman: œNo, they just didn’t know who I was talking to.

Me: œIs that Ricky?

Sherman: œYeah. (laughing)

Me: œTell him I said hi.

Sherman: œShe says œhi.

Ricky: œHi.

Me: œWhat’s Ricky’s favorite food of all time?

Sherman: œRicky, what’s your favorite food of all time? *pause * œYeah, she wants to know¦ Seriously.

Ricky: œI don’t know.

Me: œIs Ricky a big dude too?

Sherman: œNo, he’s tiny. You’re tiny aren’t ya Ricky?

Me: œDid he answer yet?

Sherman: œThe customer is always right Ricky. You’ve gotta answer her. (laughing)

Ricky: œI don’t know¦ umm¦.pizza.

Sherman: œPizza.

Me: œOf all the food in the entire world his favorite thing to EVER eat is pizza?

Sherman: œYeah, pizza.

Me: “And yours is burgers?”

Sherman: “I guess so, I’ve never really thought about it.”

Me: œWhat kind of pizza?

Sherman: œRicky, what kind of pizza?

Ricky: œPepperoni.

Sherman: œThat’s all man? Pepperoni?

Me: œThat’s cool, I like those things too.

Sherman: œRicky says he really likes Pappanos. (sp?)

Me: œDid he just say Pappa Johns? (MY FAVORITE!)

Sherman: œNo, I’m not sure what he’s saying, I think he’s talking about fondue now.

Me: œFondue?

Sherman: œNow everyone that I work with is laughing at me and talking about food.

Me: œThen you should get off the phone and get back to work. I don’t want to get you into trouble

Sherman: œNo, it’s ok. We get so bored anyway, but we are actually closing here. It’s been nice talking to someone who isn’t mean tonight.

Me: œWell.. thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it.

Sherman: œNo problem. And since this call is recorded, I have to do my script now ok?

Me: œOk. Ha… that’s right it’s recorded.

Sherman: œYeah. (Clear throat) Thank you for calling tonight ma’am, is there anything else I can do for you?

Me: œNo Sherman, that’s all, you were very helpful. Thank you. Have a great night.

Sherman: œYou too ma am, thank you for choosing Comcast.

Me: “You’re welcome. Bye Sherman.”

The conversation solved my billing question but has left me dying to know what pizza Ricky was talking about. What is Pappanos? Pappa ninos? I am at a loss. I can’t find it online. Sherman, if you read this¦ hook a girl up? Anyone else have any idea?