Company Holiday Party 101

Ah, the company holiday party. A time to reflect on corporate happenings of the past year and to spend quality time with co-workers outside the office (i.e. a time to gab about what people’s spouses look like and to watch embarrassingly bad dancing.)

I’ve learned to avoid regretful gossip and reputation-busting dance moves at functions like these, by doing what any smart gal would do… keep eating. You can’t talk or dance very well with your mouth full now can you?

I kicked off my corporate festivities this year by showing up at the wrong party. A nice man informed me as I pulled into a parking lot full of beautiful cars that I was at the something-or-other BMW holiday party. I blushed, thanked him and made my way across the street to my party at the White Manor Country Club.

After checking my coat and my reflection in the mirror (I had to make sure I got all of my deodorant off of my dress) I headed toward the crowded bar with drink tickets in hand. I started with a top shelf gin with seltzer with lime and flagged down a server with spring rolls. Apparently I was too late for the other appetizers.

Luckily the banquet manager was sweet and brought me a sampling of what I had missed. I happily munched on brie and raspberry poofy things and yummy mushroom mini quiches in the presence of the CEO. I successfully said nothing stupid. Score.

We were soon seated for our main course, where I quickly fell head over heels for a pretzel-crusted tilapia. It was surrounded in a delicate cream sauce and topped with salty, buttery pretzel bits. Amazing. I asked my server if the chef was in the building and if he was single. He was married but I introduced myself anyway and got his card so I can email him for the recipe.

After a few glasses of Merlot and some very guarded table talk (the GM was seated directly to my right) it was time for dessert. All I’ll say is¦ Ice. Cream. Bar. I was lucky enough to enjoy a White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle variety topped with a brownie, chocolate sauce and, of course, a cherry.

I was savoring my dessert until someone at my table mentioned that the ice cream was Hagen-Dazs. I had recently looked at the nutritional information on a pint at the grocery store and knew exactly how high the numbers were. œToo late. I said to myself as I took the last bite. It was worth it.

The realization of what I had consumed hit me, so I decided to hit the dance floor. This is where my theory proved me wrong. The food actually resulted in bad dancing instead of helping to avoid it. Other than that, I think I did ok. I ate, drank, avoided company gossip, ate, drank and scored a guy’s business card. Not bad.

The final dish: You HAVE to try this ice cream. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Worth it, worth it, worth it. I’ll post the tilapia recipe soon, but if you can’t wait, check out the White Manor Country Club for yourself and ask the chef Andrew to make you some. That is, if you make it to the right place.

White Manor Country Club
831 Providence Rd.
Malvern, PA 19355
Main Phone 610-647-1070
Fax 610-296-3787

Haagen-Daz Link: