Edible Arts and Crafts

For the past, something like, seven years I’ve had a Christmas party for my friends in my hometown. There are only a few rules.

1. Bring a snack for others to enjoy
2. Wear red and/or green.
3. Be prepared to go caroling at the local nursing home.
4. Participate in an edible arts and crafts contest.

For the past two years, two of my best friends (who live in my hometown) have graciously offered to have the annual “Christmas Party” at their homes. Now the party prep is up to them… but the edible craft project is still up to me. I bought the prizes today for the winners but I still haven’t figured out what we will be making. So I need some help.

In the past we have done gingerbread houses, christmas cookies (that became almost pornographic after a few drinks), wreaths, winter themed trailer parks (made out of twinkies and Ho Hos), gingerbread men, raindeer and of course the snowmen made out of marshmallows.

The pictures off of the internet always make the projects look beautiful but the end product usually comes out like the picture below.

The party is Friday… so I have to determine what the project will be before then. Any ideas welcome. It has to be holiday/winter themed and be edible. That’s it.

Final Dish: Drinking + Edible Craft Projects = Guaranteed Good Time (and a really big mess to clean up)

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