Edible Crafts

This year’s Christmas party proved to be a success. It’s always great to spend time with hometown friends and share good food, drinks and laughs… and to make edible art projects.

I decided that this year’s edible craft would be Christmas traincars. Everyone took part and medals were given to the winners. The catergories were decided after a few drinks… and they were. Best overall. Best use of twinkie. Most creative. And Best Creativity. Yes… this is funny.

All of the judging was done blindly. I drank and ate while all the contestants created their entries.

My good friend Danny and I judged. Here are the pics….

The winners were…

Best Overall: My Best Friend’s Sister Jesse

Most Creative: Jesse’s Boyfriend Eric- He made a spider (not a train but really creative)

Best Use of Twinkie: Husband of a high school friend Josh… he split the twinkie and re-enacted a scene from “Throw Mamma from the Train.” Cool.

Best Creativity: My other bestest friend in the world “Sole Mate” who crafted a train on a bridge, complete with a water feature. She amazes me.

The only other train submitted/loser: My best friend’s husband John. He lost.

My best friend made an amazing almond short bread. Soooo good. Recipe to be posted soon…

Final Dish: Oh what a jolly Christmas train my friends created. I think I have a crush on all of my friends and the food that they create.

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