For All of the Special Times in Your Life…

I had a bit of a sad day today. Whenever I have days like this I make myself feel better with a pedicure, hot chocolate or a glass of wine and listen to “sad” music. If that doesn’t do it…. then a picture of some Eggs Benedict usually helps.

I had breakfast last weekend with a high school friend at Perkins. I heart breakfasts in general but the special menu insert set my heart on fire.

The top simply said “Eggs Benedict” followed by “For all the special times in your life. Like breakfast, lunch and dinner.” This could have (and should have) been a direct quote from me… I just wasn’t smart enough to think of it first.

Most who know me know that I judge restaurants based on their benedicts and in particular their hollandaise sauce. The menu went on to say that I should “Celebrate right now with one of our Eggs Benedict entrees. Each featuring two basted eggs served on a grilled English Muffin with our special delicious toppings. Served with your choice of a Mammoth Muffin or fresh seasonal fruit, plus your choice of hash browns or breakfast potatoes.”

The menu temptations included Turkey Asparagus, Steak and Mushroom, Double Bacon, Classic and Country Cookin benedicts. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order but I was certain that I had to have this insert in my possession. I wanted to make bumper stickers out of it, or buttons, or t-shirts… or at least display it in my cubicle at work.

Somehow.. lost in the our catching up conversation that day, I forgot to ask if I could keep the insert before I left.

Flash-forward to today…

I struggled to walk in the door of my apartment in my flimsy pedicure flip-flops as I made my way to my stereo to put on some Counting Crows, Long December to wallow in my sadness. I lit some candles, fired up my tea pot and then checked my mail.

Among my bills was a large white envelope. I tore it open (I love surprise mail) and a picture of benedict peeked out at me. The insert! My friend had gone back to get it and then mailed it to me… just in time to turn my day around. Talk about good food karma.

The Final Dish: I realize Perkins is no gourmet establishment but big props go out to a place that has a special insert dedicated to an amazing dish (and leave a coffee pot on the table- awesome). Check it out at a Perkins near you. West Chester isn’t lucky enough to have one but you can find one close to you at Try your own benedict (pretend I said it now) for the special times in your life. Like Breakfast. Lunch. Or Dinner. Soo cool.