Homeward Bound

Here is a series of emails from my mother for our family Thanksgiving meal planning. They made me laugh. Mmmm… Dad’s famous Jello Salad.

Hello, Children and Significant Others!
Here’s the update on Thanksgiving – if you can fill in any of the ??? below, let us know!
– Our Thanksgiving dinner will be at (home address) on Saturday, mid-to-late-afternoon.
– Sue, Richard, Emily and Lovey will be coming – not sure what day they’ll arrive, but they’ll go back on Sunday – they will be staying at a motel.
– Uncle Bob and Kelly will not be coming – he has a charter boat tour to conduct and she will be at her mother’s.
– Martha, Eric and kids will be at Eric’s Parent’s on Thursday and part of Friday, then go to Christmas parade Friday and come here to spend Friday night.
– Sarah and Susan will be in New York with Susan’s parents, coming home ??? (Saturday?)
– Andrew and Megan will be in Pittsburgh with Megan’s family; Andrew will come back for the dinner on Saturday, Megan may stay in Pittsburgh for several more days???
– (wcdish) will be here for the Saturday dinner – not sure whether she’ll be here any sooner???

Thanksgiving menu:
Mom will make a turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn pudding, and spinach and artichoke casserole; we’ll also get some frozen mashed potatoes (which are actually pretty good) unless somebody really wants to make them from scratch; Dad will make a jello/fruit salad.

We’ll have plenty of food, but anyone who’s so inclined is welcome to add your own favorite casserole or vegetable or dessert – or a breakfast dish for Sunday morning. Just let me know what ingredients you need and I’ll have them here.

Did I leave anything out?
Love you all!

Second email:

For Thanksgiving, Sue and Richard plan to bring “champagne for drunken game playing,” so get ready for some Catch Phrase! Also – for those planning to attend the Christmas parade, it will be on Saturday night at 7:00 rather than on Friday night this year.

Dad and I are looking forward to having us all together!
We love you all!

Final email: (Being the only one in the family without a significant other, and because we will be eating as a family on Saturday, I will be joining my mother and father for a Thanksgiving buffet at a local restaurant. I’m fine with this.. the menu looks amazing.)

Our Thanksgiving buffet dinner reservations are for 4:00 pm on Thursday. We should plan to leave home around 3:30. Among other choices they have smoked turkey breast with raspberry chutney, Virginia baked ham, crab imperial, honey cajun salmon, talapia, and a chilled artichoke and crab salad. What time do you plan to get here?

Also – Do you know what days you’ll get off at Christmas?
Love ya!