I Heart You

They say you find true love when you stop looking for it.

I sure wasn’t looking for it when I was slurping my soup during a crazy work day this afternoon. I was juggling the phone in one hand and a spoonful of yummy organic soup in the other. I was blowing on my spoonful as quietly as possible, in hopes the caller would be unaware that I (being oh so professional) was eating on the phone. And that’s when I saw it.

There was a little carrot in the shape of a heart staring up at me. And I knew right then and there¦ food really does love me too.

Final Dish: I already loved the fact that I was buying organic soup from the Natural and Organic section of the new Giant in town. But this Health Valley Organic Minestrone soup was even tastier when I realized it loved me back. Check out the Natural and Organic section for yourself and see if you find true love.

Giant Food Store
Bradford Plaza
698 Downingtown Pike
West Chester, PA 19380
Store Phone: 610-430-7150