I Need to Hold You!

I’m not sure if it’s the dropping temperatures or if I’m officially addicted to caffeine, but something seems out of place if I don’t have my fingers wrapped around a hot cup of something-or-other.

I dig any type of hot beverage. I have an intense tea collection and I brew a cup at least once a day. I also have at least one cup of coffee a day. And if a Crock Pot happens to present itself with a filling of hot apple cider and mulling spices I’ll be sure to get a few ladle-fuls. I don’t even need to say how I feel about hot chocolate… mmmm … whipped cream.

Here is my problem… (aside from the fact that I constantly want to dunk sweet bits of cookie into whatever hot brew I’m drinking) is that I feel like a beverage Schitzo. I truly like it all, with or without milk, sugar, cream, decaf, regular, whatever.

Is this normal? I haven’t encountered anyone else who seems to not have an extreme preference for what they drink. Mostly everyone I talk to knows exactly how they like it.

“Coffee, black.”

“Tea, with sugar. Sometimes milk if it’s available.”

“I like how coffee smells but not how it tastes. So I drink tea.”

“Cigarettes and coffee.”

“Green tea, with Stevia.” (a natural sweetener)

“Iced tea, I only ever get iced tea with lemon.” My response: “Even when it’s freezing outside?” “Yup, only iced tea.”

So… I need your help! I will be collecting the info and doing something with it. Not sure what exactly but I have to see what the public drinks and why! Please post in the comments what you drink, if you are a male or female and anything you prefer it with. Frequency would be cool too. And by cool I really mean piping HOT!