Intern Elf

Interns are great. I recently scored one at work awhile back and have decided that everyone needs to have one. What did I do before my intern? Too much… that’s what I did…too much.

We have one rule, my intern and I, that she does anything I ask… except get me coffee. That’s where we both draw the line.

Since it is the holidays my intern is smart enough to get me a gift. (Good move intern.) She is also so smart that she knew exactly what I would like.

I came into work today to see a snowman bag filled with green and red tissue on my desk. The card read “from Intern.”

I opened it to find a bag filled with goodies from Harry and David. She knows me too well. She got me Southwestern Chicken Chili Mix, chocolate mints, chocolate toffees, intern-made fruit bars and last but not least gourmet coffee flavoring accents. I was so excited about this I actually called my intern by her real name. Good work intern. Good work.

The Final Dish: My intern may not get me coffee… but she gets good gifts. I wonder if it counts if I ask her to flavor my coffee for me with my new gourmet accents? Hmmmmm…

If you don’t have an intern yet…. get some cool stuff yourself at