Scammed by Ben. And his friend Jerry.

Ben and Jerry are promoting a special on feature flavors, but if you aren’t careful it’s not so special. Signs are posted on freezer sections at local grocery and convenience stores that advertise two flavors; Vanilla Crème Caramel and American Apple Pie. For a limited time, these specialty pints are $1.00 less than the other Ben and Jerry varieties.

While this seems innocent enough, be sure to read the labels carefully. The sign says œAmerican Apple Pie but the actual ice cream pint reads œAmerican Pie. The ingredients and artwork are the same. The only difference is that the word œApple is missing from the actual label.

When you go to purchase your pint the register won’t recognize the discount and the manager can’t do anything about it. Believe us¦ WC Dish tried it.

The Apple Pie flavor was very tasty, but it may have tasted sweeter if it were actually on sale. Ice cream lovers beware, read labels carefully. And eat your ice cream responsibly.