Single White Female Seeks Sushi-Eating Male

Is it wrong to not go out with a guy if he doesn’t eat sushi? Is that a fair judge of a person? Perhaps not, but recently single and new to the dating scene, I’ve learned that men’s food habits reveal an interesting insight to their personalities.

I’ve started using the sushi test, which I’ve developed to speed up the process of discovering a man’s dating potential. The answer to “How do you feel about sushi?” can tell me more about a man than he realizes. The research is ongoing for this highly technical study, but in applying the sushi test to some recent dates my findings are as follows (Note: data does not apply to men with seafood allergies.):

Level 1: Wish They Were Fishing. Potentials who have never tried sushi because it looks disgusting or they would rather hook it on the end of a fishing rod. They likely have never traveled outside the United States, are self-described meat-and-potato types and most likely are huge sports fans. Usually a level 1 is a man’s men, not overly interested in the world of cuisine, but they could blow your mind with their knowledge of cars, sports or a personal hobby.

Level 2: The Daily Grinder. Those who have tried it but do not care for it tend to have select but slightly more varied hobbies and friends, have a desire to travel (although some haven’t actually done so) and they enjoy daily routines. They usually drive the speed limit and are good with numbers. Men who are good with money have trouble eating something the size of a donut hole for the price of a happy meal.

Level 3: The Risk Taker. Those who have tried it but prefer the non-raw version or only eat it on occasion, their friend pool is both numerous and diverse, they are mostly passionate about life, adventurous and generally fun to be around. Most are responsibly spontaneous and humble. In 50% of test cases they hold the door for you. They are usually decent with kids and good with money, but will splurge.

Level 4: Have Sushi Will Travel. Those who love sushi raw and order it often are usually open to anything, well-traveled, have a diverse music collection, can be somewhat self absorbed and independent and prefer books to Maxim Magazine. They also get the door 100% of the time, but don’t seem to call their mothers enough.

So, my study is likely highly inaccurate and full of limitations, but it’s a work in progress. Personally, I usually find I am most compatible with Level-3 men, but am expanding my data and willing to give any level a fair shot. Although the research may not be spot on, there is some truth to human tendencies.

French author and food critic Anthelme Brillat- Savarin was onto something when he said “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” Granted, he was probably not using sushi as a dating tool, but I will! So ladies, give it a shot, try the sushi test. And gentlemen, grab your chopsticks or your fishing rods, depending on, you know, your pallet.

Luckily, West Chester is a great place to find sushi places for any level. Date tested and approved:

Level 1-2:
Hibachi of Downingtown
985 E Lancaster Ave.
Downingtown, PA 19335-3328

All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet: $19.99 gets you an incredible amount of food for those who are new to sushi and willing to try new things. You can try anything from maki rolls, hand rolls and sashimi from the sushi bar. In addition, you can have your fill of soups, salad seaweed salad, dumplings, tempura delights, various seafood selections including crab legs, perfectly fried calamari with an amazing sauce, shrimp, fresh fruit, dessert and more. Bring your appetite and adventure. Of course the regular Hibachi menu is available for the extreme level ones.

Date Drink Recommendations: The Flaming Volcano. The taste is close to a watered-down party punch, but the fact that it’s set aflame served in a two-layer bowl with 1.5-foot straws makes it worth it. It’s sure to get a reaction from the other restaurant goers and give you a much-needed buzz if your date is a bore. They also have a great selection of saki cocktails (Japanese rice wine) if the date is going well.

Level 2-3
Kooma Japanese Restaurant
151 West Gay St.
West Chester, PA 19380

More information about Kooma Kooma

Safe place for all levels. Great maki, sushi and sashimi selections. Sashimi appetizer plate $11.00 to give you a starter course in raw stuff. Great combination platters for date nights. The atmosphere is very cool and the music is always good. The downtown location is great for moving on to other late-night haunts. Drink pick: Sweet 16 martini rimmed with Tang for a tasty flashback to junior high.

Level 3-4
5492 West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, PA

More information about Teikoku Teikoku

A-Maz-ing! Perfect spot for level-4 men who know how to order. Head Chef Aniwat Dadhanachai (Chay) and manager Tik Sakuna know what they are doing. I believe that it is the freshest and tastiest sushi selection I’ve seen in Chester County. The chef’s choice sashimi plate was so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it. The 15 choices of perfectly cut, colorful fish were layered artfully on a bowl of ice as if it was at the fish market and garnished with greens. Each bite melts in your mouth. Be sure to try the unique Godzilla roll with shrimp tempura and BBQ eel topped with avocado, strawberry, honey, sweet soy and macadamia nuts. It’s almost in the middle of nowhere but worth the drive (if the date is a good one of course).

The Final Dish: What type of sushi eater are you?