Taste the Rainbow

On Thursday, I am going on a “Skittles Road Trip” with my best friend. There are five flavors of Skittles in the traditional red bag: lime, grape, lemon, orange and strawberry. Each color will be given a directional cue (eg, turn right, take next exit, etc.) and will guide us on our journey. We are hoping to head south, but we could potentially go in circles. We don’t care as long as we follow our agenda.

Here is our incredibly detailed agenda:

– Stop to eat good grub
– Pack good eats for the car
– Explore
– Laugh
– Document everything
– Be back for work on Monday

I sent her an e-mail today with details. Here is a copy of the e-mail:

Hey Sparks! Here’s a list for our trip. I talked to my boss today and I’m good to go. Let’s talk tonight to discuss…

Gear- I will bring my tent and sleeping bag. If we can’t find anywhere to stay we’ll at least have a tent. Do you have a tarp? Can you bring a cooler? Toilet paper (you never know)?

Food- All food should be bought en route…and, of course, photographed. But we can and should have yumma car snacks.

Clothes- We need a hoochie outfit for going out (including dangle earrings), a tourist outfit (including a visor and fanny pack,) comfy clothes for the car, a swim suit, pjs, cowboy boots/hat (you never know), workout clothes/hiking gear and a cute dress…just in case. Underwear…don’t forget underwear. Bring heels, too.

Music- Should I burn cds or use your ipod? We have to have a personal soundtrack.

Maps- Should one of us go to AAA to pick up a bunch of stuff? I’m a member and they give tons of free stuff. If I do go though, what area should I ask to get maps of? Hmm…

Skittles- Traditional red bag or the new flavors?

Talk to you soon!

– Me

Tomorrow I will post the decided directional cues and other road-trip updates. Until then, I’m doing my best to not open the bag of Skittles until Thursday.