Christmas Chicken Missing Head

Eclát recently featured a life-size, hollow chicken “made entirely out of chocolate! Resting in a nest of sparkling tan shredded paper, this outrageous masterpiece was Curtin”s imagination rearing its creative head again. A seasonal concoction, Chris says that this chicken œwas a new breed unheard of anywhere else in the world! However, . . . the display was tragically cut short!

While Curtin was tending to his chocolate in the back, the chicken sat unassuming in the front of the shop. When he returned, he noticed that its head had been completely decapitated! œ

“See, here’s a laceration to the face . . . he points out. “You can clearly see a compound fracture here.”

With the display stand at around three feet, it’s too big for a dog or small child to get at, and seemingly too short (although very tempting) for an adult who should know better than to lean down and chomp such a pretty creation.

œ”It was a painless death. I think.”He says, looking at its remains.

If anyone has any tips or leads (or wants to order their own chocolate chicken!), you can reach Curtin at Eclát Chocolates (610-692-5206).

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