What does your hot brew say about you?

As a follow up to my “I Need To Hold You” entry, here is my analysis of what your drink preference says about you…


You worry a lot but do a lot. You are a fun person. You constantly try to improve yourself. You may have had health issues in the past but you put yourself first health and time wise. This is a good thing. You consider the long term effects of your actions. And don’t forget… you have great taste in your beverages.

Black Coffee:

On the outside it appears that you don’t care what others think about you but deep down you might care too much. You have been accused of not being sensitive to others emotions. You are a little OCD and controlling, but reliable, despite any of your rebellious behavior. You are straightforward… neither you or your coffee is sugar coated. You have great taste in your beverages (that is, if you are dunking sweet bits of cookie into your flavorless coffee.)

Light and Sweet Coffee:

You are fun to be around. You find pleasure in little things and are not afraid to tell people how you feel about them. You have a smile on your face more than you have a frown. But you may end up feeling down sometimes when you are left alone with your own company. You think more short term than long term. You have excellent taste in your beverages.

Coffee with Fake Sugar:

You are self- conscious and a bit of a control freak, but great at entertaining. You enjoy trying to keep up with the fashion trends. You want to indulge in life but are hesitant to really let yourself fully enjoy. Don’t over analyze things too much! You just need to chill out and relax. Oh yeah, you have great taste in your beverages…

Hot Tea:

You are close with your family and somewhat traditional. You enjoy being in nature. You have been called a picky eater but you don’t think you are. You are certain of who you are and know what you want out of life but may not always be sure how to go about getting it. In any case you don’t would never admit that you might be scared or unsure. Tea drinkers are just cool, overall. And you have fantastic taste in beverages.


You are well taken care of. Some may call you spoiled but that’s okay. Keep smiling… liquid chocolate is a GREAT thing! You work hard and play hard. You obviously have great taste in your beverages. Mmmm… chocolate.

Iced Tea:

You are guarded and enjoy routines. You need to show your nurturing side more often, as to not seem so œfrigid. You are well respected and intelligent. You like to get things done quickly. Hot beverages take too long to drink! You too have a good taste in beverages.

Gourmet Fancy Pants Drinks From Starbucks:

I don’t even need to say how you are. You (and everyone around you) knows you are high maintenance. But who isn’t sometimes? If you can get away with sipping on a fancy drink with whipped cream every day then go for it! You have exquisite taste in beverages.

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