When West Chester Hands You Lemons… Make Limoncello

A look behind the newest restaurant in town that EVERYONE is talking about …Limoncello.

9 North Walnut St
West Chester, PA 19380

Frank Mingrino, Owner

Why West Chester?
The atmosphere of historic West Chester seduced Frank
Mingrino to not only move his business here, but his
home address as well. Co-owner of the newly opened
Italian family restaurant, Limoncello,
Frank and his family were warmly welcomed into
West Chester on November 25th. With the
entire Mingrino clan involved (parents Maria and
Guiseppe, brother Paul and sister Dina are all
partners on-site), this cozy and inviting restaurant
has a definite appeal to West Chester’s taste buds!

Mingrino is greatly inspired by old Italy . With a
grandmother still in the Old Country, Frank wishes to
capture the sensations that Italy offers. œMama
Maria, as he lovingly refers to his mother, offers
all their Sicilian family recipes on the menu with
love, while the rest of the family sticks together and
spreads a happy family ambiance through friendly service.

Top seller?
The Mingrino’s are no stranger to the food industry “
this is just their latest venture. Favorite dishes
they currently offer include an amazing veal
milazzo, along with choice seafood, gourmet pizzas,
and homemade pastas.

Tell us about your customers!
Frank enjoys it the most when his customers walk into
a situation that they aren’t expecting “ œThey don’t
know what they’re getting into! he laughs. He likes
surprising people by working hard to make them happy,
guaranteeing you’ll go home full and smiling. When
going back in for a follow up picture for this
interview, this writer experienced the satisfaction
firsthand – I walked into a warm, family filled room
with a friend and was fed chunks of warm, olive oil
soaked and seasoned fresh bread while chatting with
Maria! Amazing!

Biggest business pet peeve?
Bad service! Knowing how hectic the business can be
when it’s busy allows some flexibility, he explains,
but Frank can’t stand the rare times when he recieves
bad service from an establishment on a slow day.

Three words to describe you and your business?
Frank tries to enlist his sister, Dina for help on
this question, who laughs and wonders if he’s sure that’s
a good idea. Three words to describe Frank?
Charismatic, entrepreneurial, and great work ethic.
And for Limoncello? It’s focused on family, service,
and amazing quality.

Beer, wine or cocktails?
Frank’s favorite “ a dirty martini. Extra dirty and
extra olives.

Best West Chester food find?
Teca, he says right off the bat. œI really respect
Roberto [owner] “ he’s a cool guy and I like what he’s
doing with the new addition. Mingrino goes on to say
that even after spending time in Miami and Spain,
Teca’s nightspot, yet to be unveiled, will be one of
the hottest around. Frank says that it’s another
reason to not leave West Chester “ our small town has
everything a big city can offer, and more!