Yummy Gifts for the Boss

Getting gifts for people at work is always tricky. How much do you spend? Do you give something to everyone? Do you even give anything? Do you give your boss a better present than say… your intern? I decided to make it easy this year and give everyone the same yummy thing. Well… ok, so I may have made my boss’s gift a little nicer.

We have a “Gossip Free” policy at work. This means that if we hear others discussing something that isn’t factual in the workplace we need to report it.

I was bothered by some recent workplace gossip so I scheduled a meeting to discuss it with my General Manager.

With a straight face I began to tell him that I was really offended by the things that I heard people saying. Things like “Santa isn’t real” and “there’s no such thing as Santa.”

He looked me square in the eye and with an equally straight face said “That’s simply not true. Santa is real. We’ll have to put a stop to that won’t we?”

I loved that he not only played along but he didn’t fire me for wasting his time (or for wearing my dollar store Christmas antlers for three days in a row…handbook says no hats allowed.)

Just to play it safe I made sure I upgraded the Big Boss Man’s (I call him that sometimes) gift for Christmas. I gave him extra peppermint sticks and a really nice mug.

My gift to everyone this year was hot chocolate. I felt this was appropriate because I love chocolate and I think everyone is hot. Here’s how I did it…

I bought a bunch of white mugs and little plastic bags at the craft store. Then I filled each bag with:

4 scoops of premixed hot cocoa (would be nicer to make this from scratch but I’m a busy girl so premixed it was.)
2 scoops of cafe mocha mix
2 scoops of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
1 scoop of white chocolate chips
1 big scoop of love

Then I tied up the bags, popped them in a mug and attached a card for each person. I garnished them with chocolate kisses or peppermint sticks and handed them out at work.

I signed most of the cards with my real name. But a few… the “non- believers” got a cocoa filled mug on their desk “from Santa.” That’s what they get for breaking company policy.

The Final Dish: Merry Yummy Christmas to EVERYONE