Spoon Me… I Don't Feel Good.

My doctor said it was bronchitis but I preferred to fill out the œreason section of my sick day slip with œa case of the ickies. The good news was that January is National Soup Month. It only seemed appropriate that I would celebrate by being sick.

Soup is well deserving of its own awareness month. It is an amazingly comforting and diverse meal and you can find it everywhere.

During my illness last week, I discovered piping hot containers of ready-to-eat soups in convenience stores, work cafeterias and, of course, in every grocery store. Most grocery stores have soup and salad bars with a variety of yummy options.

Of all the soups I had, the highlight would have to be an amazing curry butternut squash soup from the Market Cafe at Wegman’s in Downingtown. It was creamy and flavorful and I scraped the cup clean.

During all the soup celebrations and eating I learned something new about myself. I dislike soupspoons. Especially plastic soupspoons.

I can live with them, I suppose, I just don’t prefer them. I feel like I can’t get all the soup off of the spoon, so I end up spilling it on myself or missing my mouth. Either that or I hurt the sides of my mouth with the raised edges.

Curious if I was the only one with a soupspoon issue I asked some friends. Here’s what I found. Warning: The following comments are random. Really random.

œWell, see my very favorite spoon when I was little was guitar shaped. Soupspoons remind me of that spoon. So I don’t mind them.

œMy question to the inventor of soup spoons is¦why are they wide and not deeper?

œI have a fear of large silverware. I feel like it’s all dirty.

œIt’s a lot to ask¦ big silverware like that. That’s for some serious eating.

œThey are good for eating soup and cereal.

“Mmmm… bacon.”

œI like them better than teaspoons.

œI like the Chinese soupspoons. They don’t fit in your mouth, but they are fun to slurp. And they are pretty.

œA regular soupspoon is too small.

œI learned to eat from the side and then I liked them.

œYou need you realize that you need the proper tools to complete your meal.. you know like an artist¦ who works with oils¦ they need the right instruments and brushes.

The Final Dish: There you have it. The world has mixed reviews of soupspoons. Celebrate National Soup month for yourself and let me know what you think. About the soup and the spoons.