A Dining Do and a Dating Don't

I was on a date at a raw bar over the weekend. During dinner another man caught my eye and I knew I had to meet him. My date didn’t seem to mind when I got up to introduce myself to the mystery man.

My date and I were dining on amazing oysters and shrimp at the bar when I excused myself to use the ladies room. On my way back I noticed a dessert in front of a father and daughter who were seated next to us. My eyes scanned the two creamy scoops of rich vanilla bean ice cream (I could see the little black flecks) that were melting ever so slightly on some sort of crumb topped dessert in a ramekin.

I saw the 80-something father steal two bites of the dessert and then I overheard the daughter say they would like to see a menu to order their dinner. I immediately stopped walking.

Conversation in my head: “No way. I swear that guy was just eating dessert. And they didn’t even eat dinner yet? If what I am seeing is at all accurate it is fantastic! I think I’m in love with an 80year old.”

I leaned over to ask them before I sat down and they confirmed that it was exactly how I had heard. The father, Mark, was in the mood for a taste of dessert so he decided to order it first. He only wanted a little bit so he had a few bites and then wanted dinner. And that was it.

A few glasses of wine later the four of us were passing crab legs, oysters, tuna and sashimi back and forth. Soon we were discussing what Mark had for lunch that day. He told me he went to The Cheesecake Factory and had four entrees. His daughter was running late to meet him and he was feeling adventurous so he went nuts ordering. He ordered, took a taste and pushed it aside so he could order something else. Amazing!

He told me about a soup that he had earlier that day, “I ordered a cup of soup, it was so delicious, excellent soup. I had two bites and then I moved on.” I loved that he appreciated it but didn’t have to eat it all.

Mark lives in Atlantic City. I told him next time I’m out gambling I’ll pay him a visit. I would love to see this man in action. So yes… I TOTALLY scored his digits. If my date was jealous he hid it well.

The Final Dish: I’m sure it costs a pretty penny to be able to eat like Mark. I don’t want to assume anything about his financial status but he told me I looked like his chauffeur. I think I’m going to start playing the lottery.