Brewing Up for Fall With Great Local Beers

As the temperature drops, leaves fall and the sun sets earlier, it’s only natural that I begin to ponder the important things in life, such as, Where can I find some great fall beer? Luckily, the answer is right around the corner! Whether you crave copper-colored ales or rich, dark stouts, you can find them all brewed locally. Here is your guide to the best:

Victory Braumeister Harvest Pils (Downingtown)

Try the world’s only harvest-style pilsner before it’s too late! This delicious beer is made with fresh, whole-flower hops brewed within 24 hours of picking (as opposed to dried hops, which have a longer shelf life). You can only get it at a handful of bars in the area, but I recommend going straight to the brewery for a fresh glass.

Victory Storm King Stout (Downingtown)

Now, this is the beer to drink on a cold, crisp evening. This dark stout offers a deep, hoppy flavor that will warm you right up. Definitely not for sissies!

Iron Hill Pumpkin Ale (West Chester)

To be released this week, Iron Hill describes this as “pumpkin pie in a glass.” Made with real roasted pumpkins and spices, this sounds like my idea of dessert.

Iron Hill Bourbon Bock (West Chester)

This unique, seasonal brew is certainly not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of bourbon, give it a shot! Aged in Eagle Rare bourbon barrels to give it a sweet, malty taste, Bourbon Bock was released earlier this month. I actually can’t stand bourbon or whisky, so I wasn’t a fan of this beer, but my friend who ordered it seemed to have no problem finishing it off.

Sly Fox Black and Tan (Phoenixville)

This isn’t seasonal, but it’s oh-so-perfect for fall (and for incecisive people like me). A combination of their wonderful O’Reilly’s Stout and the Phoenix Pale Ale, this two-toned creation is quite a treat!

Flying Fish Oktoberfish (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Not only a clever name, it’s tasty, too! This traditional Fest-style beer hits the palate just right. Tastes like… autumnal deliciousness.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

The brewers at Dogfish Head are known for flavor, and this is no exception! Pumpkin and brown sugar make every sip worth savoring.