From the Trenches of the Kildare's Wing Bowl

After attending the Wing Bowl at Kildare’s last week I received this email from one of the participants who wanted to share a behind the scenes look of this unique food competition.

Growing up outside of the US there are some things you just don’t get exposed to. So, when I had the opportunity to take part in a speed eating contest, I jumped straight onto it. The event was a wing bowl at Kildares West Chester. The rules were simple, one hundred wings, three beers, three persons per team. It sounded simple enough, and thirty wings didn’t sound like all that much extra. But of course appearances are always misleading.
I arrived on the night to be greeted by a herd of enormous guys and suddenly began to doubt the success of my gambit. Some of these guys looked liked they could eat a hundred wings on their own! Our team was up in the first heat, and the smell of buffalo wings filled the air. The timers were started and the gorging began. The first fifteen or so were a breeze, the last 10 though were painful. The cold fatty chicken wings were like rubber, and the more you chewed the more you tasted. After almost throwing up 3 times, and a face full of hot sauce I won’t be doing that again.

— Sugendran