Hot Chocolate of the Week – Wholesome Goodness

Photos by Sugendran Ganess

Excuse me while I lick my spoon. Mmmm…sweet, chocolately goodness. No one can resist a cup of steaming hot cocoa in these dropping temperatures, and WC Dish is here to tell you where to grab the the perfect hot chocolate. There are so many places to cover that we’ll start small and provide a cup of the week.

The following hot chocolate is WC Dish tested and approved:

Wholesome Goodness to Warm Your Chocolate Soul

Tallula’s Table, Kennet Square

102 West State Street
Kennett Square, PA 19348

If my soul was made of chocolate I would hope it would be comprised of the good bits of local and organic chocolates that create the delightful hot chocolate from Tallulah’s Table.

The Secret Ingredient:

Local, whole steamed milk. It’s that simple. The milk, provided by Natural by Nature dairy in Avondale, PA, is unhomogenized, organic milk from happily grass-fed cows and comes in a glass bottle. Tallulah’s baristas use the chocolate variety and steam it to perfection.

“We wanted something that would be a delicious treat for the kids and be wholesome at the same time. We offer a warm cup of chocolate milk, intended to bring back memories of your childhood when your parents gave you your first taste of hot chocolate,” said Aimee Olexy, owner of Tallulah’s.

Top it off:

Add extra goodness to your cup with a shot of housemade syrup, including vanilla bean (with vanilla beans still in the bottle), chocolate hazelnut or their secret fall spice flavoring (a perfect taste for the holidays). Of course, each cup gets a dollop of organic whipped cream.

Try it at home:

Grab your own glass bottle of whole milk and make a cup of hot chocolate at home. Aimee suggests heating and adding a square or two of Casa Don Puglisi Pure Chocolate from Modica (available at the store in regular, chili or ginger flavors.) This luxurious chocolate bar from Modica (Sicily) is made in the Aztec tradition, creating a rustic, brittle chocolate that crumbles as you bite it and leaves granules of sweetness at the bottom of your homemade hot chocolate.

The Final Dish:

A wonderland for foodies, Tallulah’s Table never fails to deliver on wholesome, delicious anything and everything, and they serve a damn good cup of hot chocolate.