In a Pickle

This weekend was Christmas for my family. Among the excitement of opening presents, game playing and cookie eating I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Not really¦but there seemed to be a lot of pickle related happenings.

Pickle incident #1:

On my drive home I always pass through a town called Dillsburg, Pa. Usually this is an uneventful experience but this time a sign caught my eye as I passed through. “See you at the Pickle Drop at New Years!”

I love it! A town called Dillsburg has a huge pickle (I’m assuming a dill pickle) that drops at midnight to celebrate the coming of a New Year.

I did a bit of research online and found a photo of last year’s giant pickle. Turns out it’s more of a Mr. Pickle than an actual pickle (see photo). I also learned that treats such as chocolate dipped pickles are available during the festivities. I still wasn’t sure of my plans for the New Year so this option was tempting.

Pickle incident #2:

As we were preparing for our family meal over the weekend my mother took a jar filled with pickle juice out of the refrigerator. I recognized the label. It was a pickle-less jar of “We’re in a Pickle” Decadent Dill pickles from a small company in West Chester. I had brought her a few jars of these unique pickles not too long ago as a gift.

It turned out that she was out of the pickles, but she loves the flavor so much that she saves the juice and then puts other pickles in it so they get the same taste. At first, I thought this was gross, but I could understand. The pickles are fantastic! They are sweet and savory with a hint of cinnamon and garlic. Well, more than a hint. There are actually cinnamon sticks and a garlic clove right in the jar! Yum.

I love that my mother recognized good taste enough to go to these extremes. I just have to remember to bring her more jars of these delicious pickles next time I am home.

Pickle incident #3:

I saw this clip on TV on a best of Television 2006 show. It’s about a girl with pickle phobia. Crazy. I laughed when I watched it for many reasons, but mostly because I imagined inviting her to celebrate New Years with me in Dillsburg. Oh…that’s funny.

As it turned out I decided not to make the drive to see a giant pickle drop for New Years, instead I joined some hometown friends for a party at the square downtown. Although the thought of chocolate dipped pickles was tempting, I chose to spend the time with good friends and family and a big plastic cup of cheap champagne. We said goodbye to 2006 while watching fireworks and dancing in the rain. Happy 2007!!!

The Final Dish: You seriously have to try these yummy pickles from We’re in a Pickle at Produce Junction in West Chester, or order online at Gift baskets are available and other products include relish, hot sauces and more!