Mom's Best Meal

Tattoo from photo by Ryan Boren, used under creative commons license

I read the Sunday paper while eating breakfast with my mother, and we found an article on celebrities discussing their mom’s best meals. Here are some that were interesting…

Lisa Rinna, Actor

“I love my mom, but she’s big on casseroles. So, I prefer her not to cook. I’ve had enough casseroles with potato chips crumpled on top to last me for the rest of my life!”

Beyonce, Hip-Hop Singer

“When my mom cooks, it kind of takes me back. She always asks what I want. Gumbo is my favorite. I always want her to cook some soul food and, of course, barbecue.”

Ashley Judd, Actor

“Cook for me? Not important. I want my mom to rub my feet!”

This prompted my mom to ask my favorite of her dishes. Of course, I replied everything… but, I love her mushroom and rice casserole and her last-minute bean and beef spaghetti.

The Final Dish: I’ll post these recipes, but in the meantime…what favorite meals do your mamas make?