New Pepper Product from Chile Spot Pepper Products

In the News department, look for an annoucement soon about our latest product…..Jolokia Haze.  We debuted this at a show in November to rave reviews and soon we’ll have it available online.  It’s a truly super HOT sauce made with the hottest pepper in the world, the Bhut Jolokia which is native to India as well as Scotch Bonnet and Chocolate Habanero Peppers with Lime and Garlic  and no pepper extracts!  It really packs a punch on the heat level, but as your accustomed with all of our products, the flavor is what is most important to us.
Happy Holidays!
-Jeff & Joanne

-Jeff Porter, Chief Chile Officer
-Joanne Porter, VP Salsa Affairs
Chile Spot Unique Chile Pepper Products