So That's Where I Get It…

An email from my mother. This explains were my food obsession comes from…

Hello, Children!
Dad and I had a delicious dinner at the York Culinary Arts Center last night, thanks to the gift certificates you all gave me for my birthday! (It just took awhile for us to use them.)

We both ordered the same things, believe it or not:
a little salmon mousse “amusee to tease your pallette” thing layered with cucumber slices and crisp baguette slices;
a delicious bowl of “Bayfood Chowder”;
free range “airline” chicken (meaning a chicken breast with only a wing bone attached) which came with a molded cornbread stuffing mixture, baby carrots and collard greens; (Dad also got some mashed potatoes); and we split a frozen chocolate-peanut butter mousse dessert.
Doesn’t it make you hungry?

We highly recommend the place to anyone who’s in the York area around dinner time. They suggest making reservations, but last night they were not at all crowded. The servers and chefs are all students, and they and some of the instructor/ chefs come around a lot and ask how is everything? and are you enjoying your dinner? and how are you folks doing tonight? Our waitress was a woman who wants to open a bed-and-breakfast in Gettysburg.

Anyway, thank you all for a great birthday present!
Love you all!