Sunday Sundae

I decided that I would make today a Sundae Sunday. I had a fairly large breakfast from my favorite local breakfast place but was left with a feeling of wanting something more… like a sundae.

I met a friend downtown for coffee and ice cream. When I ordered I said something like “I want to get a huge sundae and I want to eat as much as I can until I feel kinda sick… that’s the kind of mood I’m in today.” I told her to surprise me and I got a three scoop sundae with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. I was in the mood for a cannoli too so I asked if they could add a little bit of the cannoli filling into the sundae as an added treat. I thought it would do something like a frozen cheesecake type of thing…and it did.

After the ice cream (I didn’t finish it all and only felt mildly sick) my friend and I headed off to do errands. We got some coffee to go to keep us warm as it started snowing lightly as we drove. My friend commented that “this is when I love West Chester the most. When it’s just barely snowing but everyone is still going along with their usual routine and walking around town. The snow just makes it seem like an even more magical town doesn’t it?”

I agreed and moments later we drove past two high school boys who were working for a local tax service doing promotions. One was dressed up as Uncle Sam the other was The Statue of Libery. It was flurrying lightly and they were making the most of their embarrassing task by playing football. I got a good laugh with my sugar high and the site of these two. West Chester is a magical town indeed.

The Final Dish: Who knew? Sundaes taste better on Sunday and The Statue of Liberty has a hell of an arm.