Thank You For Not Smoking

Smoke-Free Thursday

Is this sign starting to look familiar? If not, get out and take a walk around town! This winter marked a first for West Chester “Smoke-Free Thursdays. Following suit with some of the nation’s big cities, including Philadelphia, West Chester has decided to offer a smoke-free environment to its townspeople. A handful of restaurants in the borough have committed to participating in West Chester’s newest program, which urges citizens to leave their cigarettes at home while dining or entertaining themselves in town (see list below).

Who’s behind this, you ask? The West Chester Borough Council (specifically Holly Brown and Scott Smith) got the ball rolling in November, and are asking the West Chester Business Improvement District (BID) and the West Chester Chamber of Commerce to assist them. BID is responsible for bringing and increasing business into the borough, and one way to appeal to clientele is to offer nonsmokers a place to enjoy a meal with only the freshest of air.

As with any major decision, borough residents have mixed feelings. Smoke-Free Thursdays end around 10 pm in most establishments, which leaves both smokers and nonsmokers alike perplexed. Lacy Karosic, 22, showed up at Kildare’s Irish Pub on the first Smoke-Free Thursday, disappointed to find out she had arrived too late and that “the bar had already filled up with smoke.” Jonathan Conaway, 22, refuses to go out to participating restaurants on Thursdays until after 10 pm, saying that he wouldn’t patronize a smoke-free-sometimes bar or restaurant. The possibility of West Chester becoming completely smoke-free both scares and excites residents. . .go out for dinner next Thursday and come to your own conclusions!

Smoke-Free (asterisk denotes Smoke-Free Thursday only) Establishments

Gilmore’s Restaurant
Iron Hill Brewery
Kooma Japanese Restaurant
Murray’s Deli
Penn’s Table
Spence Cafe *
Three Little Pigs
Teca *
Alberto’s *
Vincent’s Restaurant and Bar *
West End Eating Company
Aloha Cafe
Cream and Sugar Cafe
De Starr’s Restaurant and Bar *
Doc McGrogan’s Oyster House
Kildare’s Irish Pub *
Salad Stop

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