The Nicest Thing Anyone's Ever Said To Me…

A friend of mine is suffering from his own case of “the ickies” and was feeling pretty bad today. Little did he know that while he was suffering though illness he would make my day.

I was told that I “was like chicken noodle soup” and that he was feeling better just from talking to me. (Blush)

I’m such a lucky gal to be compared to such a wonderfully, soothing food product (during Nation Soup Awareness Month no less). No one has ever likened me to a food before. But it made me think. If I were a food… what would I be? Hmmmmm. Let’s all think about it, a little self-reflection time. Let me know what you come up with.

The Final Dish: I wonder if veggie men like chicken noodle soup? Would a cayenne pepper go with chicken noodle soup?