What Do Sugar, Chocolate and Men Have in Common?

Why, when we deny ourselves of something, we find we want it even more? Especially (in my case) sugar, chocolate and men.

I tried to “break up” with sugar ten times in one day last week. Ten times. It was a constant debate between my willpower and the power of holiday yummies.

For example, after one too many sugar cookies I said… “That’s it. Enough! I don’t need you sugar cookie.” I would then remind myself why the sugar cookies are bad for me, feel oh-so superior and walk away and sit in another room.

And then I would sit. And I think about them sitting in their little Christmas tin. I wonder what they are doing. Then I think … just one more. Why not? I mean they can’t be THAT bad for me when they taste so good can they? It’s a vicious cycle.

And then there is chocolate. I know better than to keep it in my apartment. But when I occasionally do have it around I’ll take a little bit and savor a small bite and let it melt in my mouth as I recall the words of health professionals, “Don’t totally deny yourself of chocolate… allow yourself to have a little bit so you don’t feel deprived of it and eat more than you should.” I convince myself that I’m satisfied from my little square of yumminess and I walk away.

And then I think about things… like, you know, chocolate and stuff. This is when I might make hot chocolate, the “lower calorie chocolate fix” and wish I just ate more actual chocolate. And so I do.

And men. Why is it that the good ones… the ones I should want (I’ll compare these types to veggies) I can’t find. While the bad ones… the ones I try to avoid or talk myself out of (male equivalent to sugar and chocolate) are the ones I can’t stop thinking about? Hmmmm.

This brings me to my New Year’s resolutions. I refuse to feel crappy about anything I eat after the fact. So I will allow myself the following: 1- One sugary thing a day. 2- As much chocolate I want, as to avoid eating large amounts later 3- Dates with only veggie men… ones that are good for me. 4- Workout enough to work off the chocolate I eat.

I have a few more resolutions that I will share later… I know, I know the suspense is killing you!

The Dish: I actually really do like vegetables… so this shouldn’t be too hard.