What Type of Oyster Eater Are You? And New Oyster Specials at Docs.

What Type of Oyster Eater Are You?
The Materalistic Eater- You’re one of those people that judges a book by its cover, you’ll eat with your eyes as much as with your belly and you love picking oysters by the beauty of there shells. Well I suggest that you try the Blackberry Point oyster, the Red Point oyster, the Pemaquid oyster or the Beau Soleau oyster.
The Name Game Eater- You pick a horse at the track based on its name, for you the fun of an oyster is how silly its name is. Well I suggest the Beavertail, Kumamoto, Wellfleet, or the Red Point that reminds me of the old Beatles song #9.
The Wild Child- People tell you on a regular basis to calm down you’re too wild. You should try an oyster that has survived the one in a million journey from egg to adult. Well I suggest the Blue point oyster, the Chesapeake, the Wellfleet, or the Pleasant Bay.
The Clean Freak- You’re a clean freak well you’ll enjoy the Summerside, the Beau Soleau, the Taunton Bay, the Snow Hill, or the Blackberry. They are small, with a ton of brine and they have a perfect plumpness to avoid too much slurping.
Blue Point- These oysters are harvested from specific areas of the Long Island Sound. Blue points take 4 years to mature and can grow as large as 3-4 inches in size. Blue points are a delicious juicy oyster that is full of brine.
Chesapeake- These oysters are harvested from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Chesapeake’s mature quickly in two and a half to three years. They have a thick hearty shell with plump meat that has a sweet taste.
Summerside Oysters- These are harvested from the north side of Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Summersides are plump and silky and the flavor is moderate in salinity. The finish is clean and very sweet.
Beau Soleau- These oysters are harvested from the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, Canada. For a cocktail oyster the Beau Soleau has a surprisingly high meat yield and a briny flavor. Beau Soleau oysters reinforce the theory that good things come in small packages.
Onset- These oysters are a farmed oyster that grows at the head of Buzzard’s Bay near the village of Onset in Massachusetts. Onsets take 3-4 years to mature. They have very plump meat with lots of liquid. They are salty with a sweet seaweed finish.
Taunton Bay- These oysters are harvested on the outskirts of Acadian National Park in Maine. Taunton Bays are very uniform with a rounded shell with a deep cup. Taunton Bays have an extra salty bite that blends with a mild copper finish.
Beavertail- These oysters are harvested from the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, in Rhode Island. Beavertails are very clean and deeply cupped. There name comes from the fact that there size and shape resembles a beaver’s tail. They have and elaborate briny flavor with hints of sweetness.
Red Point- These oysters are harvested from the western shores of Malpeque Bay in Canada. Red Points are mildly sweet with a delicious licorice finish.
Blackberry Point- These oysters are harvested from Foxley River in Canada. Blackberry points are very consistent in size and shape. Blackberry’s are slightly briny with a unique salty taste.
Snow Hill- These oysters are harvested from Snow Hill, Maryland. Snow hill oysters are an amazing cool ocean salt taste that is ever so slightly cut with a hint of freshwater sweetness to give us the flavor of the sea without the “smack” of salt.
Kumamoto- These oysters are harvested from Humbolt Bay. Kumamotos take approximately three years to reach market size. Kumamoto’s are mildly fruity and sweet with a slightly mineral finish and a rich buttery texture.
Pleasant bay- These oysters are harvested from Pleasant bay a large body of water located on the ocean side of Cape Cod. The oysters take approximately 3 years to mature. They have a salty flavor that is clean and crisp.
Deepwater Wellfleet- These oysters are from Massachusetts grown in the section of Cod Bay known as Wellfleet Harbor. Wellfleet Harbor is characterized by nutrient rich waters with enormous tidal flows that empty much of the harbor at low tide producing some of the highest quality oysters in the world. Wellfleets have deep cups with very plump meats. The flavor is marked by a distinct seaweed flavor that is very salty.
Pemaquid- These oysters are grown in the Damariscotta River Estuary. This is where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The oysters take 4 years to mature. They are extremely plump and salty with a clean and crisp flavor

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