A Delicious Valentine's Day for Anyone

Too many people complain about Valentine’s Day. Singles gripe that they don’t have anyone to spend the day with and couples stress about what to buy for their significant other. In my opinion, V-Day is one of the greatest holidays of the year because, no matter your relationship status, it’s a holiday that heavily emphasizes chocolate, and in my book that is always a cause for celebration!

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, with your goldfish or with a significant other, you really should make the most of it (remember, chocolate). Here are a few suggestions.

Girls’ Night Out

Sorry guys, but Valentine’s Day is, as a good friend put it, “really a girl’s holiday anyway.” What better way to spend it than with your best friends? After all, getting together with the girls to complain about men is sometimes just as fun as dating them. Right? Right???

Make the most of your single status by grabbing some friends and heading to Kooma for some sweet martinis. In the spirit of indulgence, try the Chunky Munky (chocolate banana) or the Key Lime Pie martini. After a few of these, you’ll definitely forget any romantic woes!

Want something a little more chocolate-y? Visit the Kreutz Creek Winery for a dark chocolate fondue and, of course, some local wine!

All By Yourself

Hanging solo this year? Forget the Kleenex and go for something that will really make you feel better. After work, stop at Eclat for a box of delicious gourmet chocolates. As their website states, “Nothing says you can’t give them to yourself.” The Hawaiian Ginger Caramel are my favorite. Then head to the video store and rent Chocolat, a Valentine’s Day tradition of mine from my single days. Trust me, Johnny Depp is way better than any potential dates out there.

If you want something a little more substantial than just chocolate for dinner but still want to avoid the couples-plagued dining scene, then order delivery! Check out our list of restaurants for something that strikes your fancy.

Coupled Up

If you’re lucky enough to have someone special to share your Valentine’s Day with, then by all means use Thursday as an excuse to make them take you out to a nice dinner. Not sure where to go? Here are some local restaurants offering tailored menus just for the holiday:

Iron Hill is offering a range of delicious entrees to complement their microbrews. Just make sure to save room for the dessert–chocolate-raspberry cheesecake springrolls and flourless chocolate heart cake!

Cosimo will tempt you with jumbo lump crab cakes, Maine lobster and an adult version of milk and cookies.

Avalon has a four-course menu with complimentary champagne and live music. As the song goes, meet your love in Avalon!

Roux 3 also boasts a four-course lineup along with a complimentary champagne toast.

No matter who you’re with or what you do, make your Valentine’s Day more exciting than stale candy hearts. And, remember the words of George Bernard Shaw: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

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