BBQ Tips and Grillin' Fun on WCOJ

This morning on WCOJ, JT and I did some lean, mean indoor grillin’ in the studio. We cooked up some delicious Aidells products including Chicken and Apple Sausages, Maple and Smoked Bacon Sausages (with sweet potatoes in them!) and Chicken Burgers with Bacon and Blue Cheese. I also brought Jerk Seasoned Pork Chops and Beef Burgers with Bacon, Cheddar and Jalapeño. We talked with Bill, a grilling expert from Sugartown Smoked Specialties , Head Brewmaster Chris, from Iron Hill Brewery and Danny, our wine expert, from George’s Restaurant. They all shared tips on how to grill, what to grill and what to drink. There is a full BBQ Guide for your festivities this weekend below. Here’s some video of the fun:

Foiled again!

Know the quickest and cost effective way to clean your grill? Roll up a ball of aluminum foil, turn your grill on low and scrub down the grates to make it spic ‘n’ span.

Icky, sticky!

Always preheat your grill on medium high and then take some vegetable oil and paper towels and wipe down the grates before you start cooking. This will prevent your food from sticking.

I’m so hungry¦ I just can’t wait any longer!

Keeping the lid closed during cooking creates a oven effect and cuts down your cooking time by at least 25%

What’s the number for 911?

Prevent flare ups by leaving the heat on medium low on the cooking side and high on the non cooking side, and keeping the lid closed. Don’t know how long to keep your food on the grill? Check out these cool food charts to ensure good results. Grill on fellow foodies. Grill on!

Meats and Poultry Grilling Guide:

Use this chart as a general guide for temperature and grilling times. Most meat requires LOW cooking temperature. Exception: MEDIUM for cuts thinner than 1 inch.

Rare (very red, warm center)

Medium (pink, warm center)

Well (pink, warm center)


125-130 degrees

130-145 degrees

145 degrees and above


130-145 degrees

145 degrees and above


125-130 degrees

130-145 degrees

145 degrees and above


Cook to 150 degrees

Ground Beef

Cook to 160 degrees


Cook to 165 degrees

All temperatures listed are final target temperatures. To prevent overcooking and dryness for beef, lamb, veal, and pork, stop cooking 5 degrees below target temperature and rest meat 5-10 minutes. This does not apply to ground beef or poultry.

Seafood Grilling Guide:

Use this chart as a general guide for temperature and grilling times. Most seafood requires MEDIUM cooking temperature.

Griling Times

Internal Temperature

1″ or less

3-4 per side

140 degrees

Greater than 1″

5-6 min per side

140 degrees


1-2 min per side (4 sides)

140 degrees

Vegetables Grilling Guide:

Use this chart as a general guide for preparation and grilling times. The easiest way to tell if vegetables or fruits are cooked is to pierce them with a kitchen fork or knife. If the utensil goes in easily, the items are done.


Grilling Time


Trim tough outer petals, halve lengthwise; blanch until tender

8-10 min


Trim tough end

6-8 min


Soak ears in water 20-30 min (leave in husks)

30-40 min


Slice 3/4 inch thick

8-10 min

Fennel (Anise)

Remove leaves; cut bulb into quarters

10-12 min


Halve lengthwise; rinse well

10-12 min


Wrap whole bulb in foil; place over indirect heat

30-40 min


Leave whole

6-8 min


Peel; cut in halves or quarters; skewer

15-20 min


Cut in halves or quarters; remove seeds

10-12 min

Potatoes (white, yams)

Slice 1/2 inch thick

15-20 min

Squash, summer

Halve lengthwise or slice 1 inch and skewer

8-10 min


Skewer quarters and cherry tomatoes; halve plum tomatoes lengthwise

3-5 min