Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend Day One:

On Friday’s radio show I arrived wearing a tiara and announced on the air that I was excited to kick off my birthday weekend.

Me: “JT, I’m so excited to start the first day of my birthday weekend. ”
JT: “How exactly do you get to have an ENTIRE weekend to celebrate your birthday, if it only falls on one day?”
Me: “Well, JT… my birthday is on a Sunday this year and I’m leaving on a plane first thing Monday morning. I’m not able to rock out Sunday, so I will have to celebrate all weekend long to make up for it. You too can choose to do the same, you know?”
JT: “Okay Mary, you’re right. Happy Birthday Weekend to you, then.”
Me: “Thank you.”

For breakfast on the show we normally do something wild and crazy. This day, however, I opted for my favorite pancakes in town…banana walnut hot cakes from Penn’s Table. When we called Anthony at Penn’s Table on the air to see why these pancakes are just so darn good he replied,” it’s the hand-cut bananas.”

Them there must be magic bananas to make such yummy hot cakes.

Birthday Weekend Day Two:

The plan on Saturday was to do as much as I needed to do to prepare for my event work in San Diego (flight departure: 7:30 am Monday morning.) This included the following:

1- Manicure and Pedicure: It had been a VERY long time since I had this done and so this was really a birthday pampering disguised as something I had to do to get ready.

2- Dry Cleaner: I had planned to get some business clothes out of my closet to have cleaned and pressed for my trip. But after trying them on “just in case,” I realized that they were all a wee bit too small (I find small relief in the fact that I could still button them… but breathing wasn’t gonna happen.) So, I could take this off my list.

3- Meet my high school friend, Danny, for a drink. It was a hot day and Iron Hill wheat brew was in order. Okay, okay. Two drinks.

4- Shopping: With no clothes that fit well enough I had to hit the shops and find some new business apparel. Not a good feeling to shop for a size larger.

5- Packing: I wanted to actually enjoy my birthday DAY so I wanted to get as much packing done as possible. I wasn’t very successful in doing this…(probably the champagne) but I at least made the list.

6- Drinking Champagne: I figured if I couldn’t drink a ton on Sunday night I’d better get my bubbly fill on Saturday night. I brought home some incredible sushi from Z. Wei in Exton and indulged on an incredible dinner.

The Final Dish:

Mmmm Cham-pag-ne!