Bruised Nog and Cheese

Christmas 2008 Highlights:

10- Arriving at my best friend’s annual Christmas party with my dogs, waving “hello!” to friends I hadn’t seen in years and then immediately tripping over tangled leashes and biting it HARD on the tile kitchen floor. I woke up to black and blue knees.

9- Wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater EVER to three parties in a row. (Two of which where I didn’t know everyone very well so I’m not sure they knew it was a joke. One guy with a serious face said “Cute sweater.”). Yikes!

8- “That’s like drinking 8 beers.” The last thing I remember my brother-in-law saying to me after I finished three “Mad Elf” beers which I thought were only appropriate to drink on Christmas Eve. I passed out immediately after.

7- “Wanna go for a walk?” (My brother-in-law to me.)

“Yeah, but I still wanna drink my nog.” (Me to my brother-in-law.)

“Well, we could take some nog with us.”

“Yeah! Open container laws don’t count on Christmas. We’ll call it the Nog Walk and we can take the dogs.” After A LOT of nog and 2.5 miles later we tipsily trotted along singing, “We’re on a nog jog with a dog…well, two dogs on a jog with some nog.”

6- “You smell like beer and cheese.” Our favorite quote from “Elf” the movie.

5- “Mom. Can I eat his head off?” My niece Emma after getting a chocolate Santa in her stocking.

4- “Merv! Your lunch is ready!” My mom to me, (that’s my family nickname) and it made me realize how much I missed hearing this. She made me a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

3- “Dude, I don’t think you realize how BADLY the food coloring is coloring your tongue.” Me to my best friend after she put a green icing pen in her mouth.

2- “I can’t crawl around with my pack cause my knees are badly bruised.” I said to my mom Christmas night after trying to play with my doggies.

1- “Did you know I used to feed the baby Jesus cheese? Me to my mom after she asked if I wanted to set up the nativity scene to help decorate. I explained that when I was little I would take a little piece of cheese and stick it in his wooden mouth hole to make sure he was happy. This is the first time I had told anyone this…ever.

The Final Dish: What are some of your holiday highlights?