Cosimo Restaurant and Wine Bar Wine Tips

From our favorite wine bar- Cosimo.

Foodie Fact #1-Wine
Choosing the Right Wine Glass

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Quality Wine Glasses

A quality wine glass is a must to fully enjoy a great bottle of wine. Whether it is an expensive Riedel or Schott Zwiesel wine glass or a Wal-mart special, the proper glass makes all the difference. Here are some guidelines to follow when selecting and using wine glasses.
Wine Glasses on a Budget

If, like most folks, you are living within a budget, purchase multi-purpose wine glasses with the following tips in mind: Choose glasses that are 8 to 10 inches in height with a deep bowl but a moderate diameter; choose wine glasses made of thin clear glass, not decorative or colored glass so as to not take away from the aesthetics of the wine in the glass. Affordably priced glasses like these are available at Crate & Barrel, Costco, Cost Plus and Ikea.
Wine Glasses for Specific Wines

The Riedel wine glass company started this trend. Riedel designed wine glasses shaped to bring out the characteristics of specific types of wines. One can have a set of Chardonnay wine glasses or Bordeaux wine glasses as well as other varietals. Now many other wine glass manufacturers are doing the same. Crate & Barrel has a good selection of varietal wine glasses.
Champagne Wine Glasses

These glasses, called flutes, have very narrow openings that offer less surface space for the bubbles (carbon dioxide) to escape.
Wine Glass Tips

Hand wash your glasses with warm water using a mild detergent and hand dry with a soft cloth.

Pour wine to about the lower one-third of the glass. This level is desirable for 2 reasons: First, it leaves room in the glass for the aroma to work its way up the sides of the glass. Second, you won’t spill the wine over the top edge when swirling it in the glass.

Keep a good supply of wine glasses on hand. Your wine-loving guests will appreciate enjoying their wine in good wine glasses. It shows you care and love wine.