Dear WC Foodie- Please Help

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Dear WC Foodie,

I am 26 and new to this area. I am looking for a place to have drinks that isn’t bombarded with college students and has more of a young professional clientele.

Can you point me in the right direction?

New Guy in town

Dear New Guy,

I feel your pain. West Chester is full of great bars, but as soon as you graduate and begin a career, the college scene becomes soo tired.

Some more mature venues for you to hit are Teca and Kooma. They are a little pricey, which serves as a natural repellent for WCU, but I recommend you travel down the road to the Riverstone Café in Exton. The Riverstone pulls in a nice group of 20-something professionals and has a weekday Happy Hour from 5 to 7 pm with $5 martinis. On Tuesdays they serve complimentary tapas. Then on Wednesdays they offer $1 Oysters and Victory Hopdevil drafts for $3.

Aprés Happy Hour, you can return to Gay Street and hit the Spence Café. They offer some non-traditional beer and drink specials Wednesday through Saturday from 10 to 12 pm.

Learn more at and

I’ll see you there.

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