Don't Blow That Healthy New Year's Resolution

I’m sure most of you resolved this January to make healthy eating a big part of your new habits in 2008. And, being the second week of January, I’m also sure many of you may have already waved the white flag after realizing that you have to eat healthy AND have a life. Here to help you stick with your New Year’s resolution is Margaret Moses with suggestions on how to maintain your resolution to eat healthy despite your active lifestyle.

If you ever feel too tired or cranky to create a healthy meal in the evening, take some shortcuts…

  1. Marinade meats before heading off to work and prepare the dressings the night before.
  2. Double recipes and freeze one portion for another night.
  3. Pull out the crock pot and dedicate one night per week to use it.
  4. Take 1 or 2 days per week to chop, slice, grill or portion veggies and meat into single servings. For example, while you have the grill going, make a few items, such as chicken, fish or pork loin.
  5. Cook pasta and rice in bulk quantities and place in single serving containers to either freeze or refrigerate for later use.
  6. Experiment with frozen vegetables for a quick and nutritious addition to your meal.

Bon Appetite!

 The Final Dish:  My resolutions.

1- I resolve to eat well* this year. (*Meaning to use manners and eat delicious foods.) 

2- I also resolve to have a “skinny dipping feeling” on a daily basis.  This means doing something refreshing and different, knowing that there is a chance you may get caught having so much fun.  (I compare this feeling to the sensation of driving in the car when the windows are down, on a beautiful sunny day and a fantastic song is blasting on the radio and all worries are rushed out the window…ahhhh)

Share, share… what are you resolutions this year?

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