For the Art of Caring and the Love of Mayo

I recently attended the Art of Caring at the Hickman; a fundraiser for the facility and a fun night of artwork and food. During the event, I heard the most romantic love story… involving, yes…mayo.

My date and I sat at a table with our plates piled high with yummy food from J. Scott Catering.

There were some really fun passed hors d’ oeuvres, including mini cheese steaks with “whiz” , a shot of tomato soup with a mini grilled cheese sandwich (I was bummed it was American cheese but other then that it was great) and other traditional bites.

My favorite dish was the Halibut Filet in Red Pepper Pesto and Balsamic Glazed Potatoes. Mmmm …. mmm.

I had two glasses of wine at my table (don’t judge- it was to avoid going back to the bar and waiting in the line) and I introduced myself to the couple to my right.

“Hi. I’m Mary. What’s your name?”

“I’m Dean.”

“And I’m Nancy.”

“Nancy, you look so familiar to me. Do I know you?”

“Well, did you go to school in West Chester?”


“Oh, well I’m a teacher.”

“Oh, well that’s not it. Hmmmm?”

“What do you do Mary?”

“Oh, well I have this website.”

“What website?”

“It’s called… it’s random… and about food… you probably have never heard of…”

“WC Dish?! We LOVE that site. You’re Mary?”

“Yeah… that’s me. Yay food!”

I think there was some random chatting at this point and then we got down to business… after I finished my second glass of wine.

“So tell me how did you two meet?” (I love hearing how people get together. It gives me hope that I may find true love after all.)

“Well Dean asked me out. I passed the mayo test, and the rest was history.”

“Wait… WHAT? A mayo test?”

“Yeah… he knew he wanted to marry me when I passed the test.”

“What was the test?”

“He asked me which mayonnaise was best. Kraft or Hellman’s. I picked Hellman’s and it was a done deal.”

Dean piped in “I take mayonnaise seriously. I knew when she answered correctly she was the woman for me.”

“Holy cow. I have to write about this.”

And so I did. A beautiful couple united by a standard condiment. Oh the power of food. Swoon.

Great to meet you Dean and Nancy. And to everyone at the Hickman- thanks for the great event. I hope it was a huge success.

The Final Dish:

Maybe I should marry the first guy that hates American cheese? Perhaps it’s just that easy?