From the Oyster Expert

My goal as Bishop of the Bivalue is to give you a brief history of the ara an oyster is harvested, weather it is farmed or wild, how long it takes to mature and how it tastes.

Oyster Fact-

Like trees, oyster shells show rings of growth, there is a little spurt in the shells from each years plankton bloom, as well as a smaller one for each fall’s bloom.

Oyster Fact-

Oysters usually range in age from 18 months to 6 years. 18 month old oysters tend to be a little more brittle than 6 year old oysters.

A fuuny comment from another oyster virgin this past weekend. Believe it or not there are still people out there that have not yet tried an oyster. This lady is eating at the bar with her husband and she says these are slimy. I replied so is yogurt, mangos, and many other foods. I said a slimy oyster is a good thing; it’s the dry ones that our no good. So remember if your looking for crackers and desire to eat an oyster instead don’t be surprised that it is bursting with liquid.